Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Once 1st November hits, I move straight on from Halloween, almost like it never happened, and start getting excited about Christmas! In fact, I'm usually the first one humming Christmas tunes everywhere I go, annoying other people greatly when they find themselves singing along voluntarily too...#SorryNotSorry!

I love every season in equal measure but there is no denying the warm fuzzy feeling I get when winter kicks in and I begin obsessing over mince pies, mulled wine and festive cheer. From watching the True Christmas movie channel every day, to drinking copious amounts of hot chocolate, I have many little Christmas traditions I play out during the festive season, including a routine visit to Winter Wonderland.

I've been going to Winter Wonderland for the past 10 years, yet every year without fail I find myself awestruck, looking up at the bright twinkly lights and oversized Christmas trees, while getting lost deep within the Bavarian village with a mulled wine in hand, as if it's the first time I've visited.

For me, it really is a magical wonderland; stepping through the gates I forget I'm in London, and for the few hours I spend there, all I care about it having the most fun I can with my best friends (usually spinning around on the carousel bar), and who wouldn't want that!

See some of the snaps I took while there on opening night below...

What makes you feel festive?

The Beauty Magpie x

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