Where Have I Been?

I set up The Beauty Magpie in January 2013, so it's almost been 4 years since I penned my first post. Although the majority of my previous blog posts are now safely hidden in the draft section, this blog was once a regularly updated space on the web that generated quite a few views, comments and fans.

Of course at the time I thought my blog was failing, however looking back now I can see that it was flourishing. I wish I could have seen it for what is was at the time, because I'm sure if I believed it was a success I wouldn't have given up on it so easily.

I look at other bloggers who started around the same time as me and I can see the incredible work they're doing and how established they are now, and I can't help but think that could have been me...

S O ,  W H A T   H A P P E N E D ?

In 2015, I really struggled to get on board with the whole blogging thing. I could see the way the industry was changing and I was becoming jealous of fellow bloggers, constantly comparing myself to them. Naturally, after so much self-doubt and comparison, I lost my blogging mojo. 

I got a new job in September 2015, working for an amazing beauty brand. As The Beauty Magpie was predominantly a beauty blog, I found myself struggling to write about brands other than the one I worked for, for numerous reasons. So with everything combined, I fell out of love with my blog and allowed for it to fizzle into the background. 

W H A T ' S   N E W ?

Before my blog revamp, my last blog post was written in August 2015 (yonks ago!). I guess the biggest life change was in the summer of 2015, when I moved in to a lovely London flat with my boyfriend David. I really love the area we live in and it's still close enough to get to my mum's whenever I feel like it!

I got a new job soon after we moved in to our flat and I worked there for just over a year. It was an amazing year and an amazing job, but I felt like it was time to move on and focus my efforts on the bigger plans in my future: to hopefully one day become a teacher.

What else has changed...I am now vegetarian! The change was so easy for me and I haven't looked back once. I never was a huge fan of meat, so in January 2016 I just decided to call quits on meat permanently. I'm even considering going vegan in the new year...

W H A T ' S   N E X T ?

For the near future my plans are simple: enjoy a bit of freelance work until the new year, then focus on getting ready for teaching training. With the free time I have I hope to restore this blog to it's former glory and work on my YouTube channel.

And that's it...that's what I've been up to in the time I've been gone! I realise that actually I've hardly done anything but in my last job I was very busy, so working (and subsequently catching up on sleep) took up a lot of my time! 

I'm already thinking about injecting more fun and adventure into my life in 2017...fire away with any suggestions of fun things you think I should try!

The Beauty Magpie x

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